Option #1: You can use our iOS app.  It supports QR Codes.  The QR Code on the iOS app will function to log a user in, similar to typing in a username and password.  Users can punch in/out and take photos using the app.

Option #2: Currently Apple doesn't support the technology needed to scan QR Codes from our web application (unless using option #3 below).  However you can use a different app on the iOS app store to scan them.

We have verified that this app will work to read the QR codes from Buddy Punch and allow your employees to punch in or out.  

The photo of your employee will not be taken because iPhones and iPads do not support the technology used for that feature when using a browser.

Option #3: Chrome includes a QR Code scanner by default, as of 2/2/17.  The Chrome app now includes built-in scanning functionality, which you can access either via 3D Touch on the app’s icon, or you can do a search for “QR” in spotlight.

How to search using Spotlight on your iPhone or iPad

  1. From any Home screen page of your iPhone or iPad, touch your finger to the screen and drag down to reveal the Spotlight search field.

  2. Type in QR.

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