We have other articles for setting up Facial Recognition on your account as well as adding in a profile photo to use for Facial Recognition.  If that is already done you can follow these setups to use Facial Recognition.  If not, please see our other articles.

Usage:*** Cookies are used to help identify your account, so we know which account to verify the face of an employee against.  The first time you use Facial Login it will ask you to first login with your username and password.  This places a cookie on your device.  Then going forward you won't have to login with your username and password.  If your cookies are cleared on the device, you will again be asked to first login with a username and password.***

Employees can punch in and out using Facial Recognition by visiting their regular login screen (app.buddypunch.com) and clicking on the photo icon:

When punching in users will just look at the camera and click the "Punch" button or Login button.  It doesn't matter if they're punching in our out, they push the same "Punch" button.

After clicking make sure to wait for a confirmation message.  If the punch was successful you will get a confirmation message:

If you do not wait for the message, or you get an error message, you will not be punched in or logged in.  The error message will give you any next steps required:

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