As an Administrator or Manager, go to "Timecards" in the top navigation, and select "PTO Calendar."

From the PTO Calendar you are able to View, Add, Edit, Delete, Approve or Deny PTO requests.  You can also export the PTO form the calendar using the Export button at the top.

To Add PTO use the button on the top right that reads "+PTO."  You will then be brought to a screen where you can add PTO for multiple employees.  Make sure to use the employee selector at the top.

To Edit PTO, click on any PTO entry from the calendar:

To Delete PTO, you can either Edit the PTO from the calendar and then click on the "Delete" button:

or you can click on the "Delete" button on the Calendar:

This will allow you to select from a list.  Add a check box next to each PTO you would like to delete and click the "Delete" button again:

To Approve PTO requests you'll notice there's a new icon next to each PTO entry.  A green check box or a yellow circle.  The green check box means that the PTO has been approved.  The yellow circle means that the PTO is pending.

You can click to edit a PTO entry, which will give you an approve option:

Or you can click on the "Approve" button on the calendar.  This will give you the list view, where you can select which PTO to approve and click the Approve button again to approve them:

To Deny a PTO request, we do not specifically have a Deny button.  You can either edit the PTO request by clicking on it and editing the time and saving, or you can delete the PTO request using the steps above.

As an employee if you're looking to request PTO, after you login and click on the "Add New" button from the time card.  You can now select dates to add, and you can add all at once.  Note that you can only add PTO to current and future dates.

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