Overview: If you'd like to request time off in the future as a Manager or an Employee, you can do so directly from the Time Off Calendar.

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Adding Future Time Off

1. To add time off, start by clicking Timecards in the top navigation followed by Time Off Calendar:

2. Once on the time off calendar page, click the +Add Time Off button located in the top right-hand corner:

3. You'll then be able to enter the date of your time off, select your time off type, enter the number of hours you want to request off, and add a note if needed:

4. Click Save once done. If your employer requires approval for time off requests, your time off request will be set to pending until action is taken.

Quick Tip: If you want to enter multiple consecutive days off, click the Switch to date ranges button. If you want to enter multiple non-consecutive days, click the +Add New button to add a new line. And lastly, click Delete if you made an error and need to start over from scratch:



Q: I submitted my request, but need to make a change. Can I do this?

A: If your employer allows for edits, then yes you can edit your time off. Simply visit the time off calendar and click the time off you want to update. Make your changes and then click Save once done.

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