If your employee's require approval for PTO requests, as an Administrator or as a Manager (who has 'Approval' access to an employee) will see a PTO Pending area on their dashboard.  This area will not show on your dashboard if you do not have any PTO that needs your approval.

If you are aware of the request, or have viewed it before, you can click on the "Approve" button directly on the dashboard.  You will get an confirmation that you'd like to approve the PTO request(s) prior to them being approved:

By clicking "Approve" the requests will be approved on the time card.

If you first need to view the request prior to approving, or if you need to change the request, you will want to click on the "View" button next to the request:

This will take you to the PTO calendar with a list view of all of the pending pto requests for the employee.  To change a request, click on the request:

And you can then make changes.  Notice how changing the type or hours in the edit area will change the button from an "Approve" to a "Save."

You can also approve directly from the list view, by clicking on the checkbox next to each entry and then clicking "Approve" at the top:

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