Configuring Provisioning for Buddy Punch

This guide provides the steps required to configure Provisioning for Buddy Punch, and includes the following sections:

  • Features
  • Prerequisites


  • Push New Users
    New users created through OKTA will also be created in the third party application.
  • Push Profile Updates
    Updates made to the user's profile through OKTA will be pushed to the third party application.
  • Push User Deactivation
    Deactivating the user or disabling the user's access to the application through OKTA will deactivate the user in the third party application.


Before you configure provisioning for Buddy Punch, make sure you have configured the General Settings and any Sign-On Options for the Buddy Punch app.

*Note: We'd need you to send us your saml entity id and metadata location url to

Configuration Steps

  1. Check the Enable provisioning features box.
  2. API Authentication:

Troubleshooting Tips

Please contact us at or use our live chat, located in the lower right hand corner.

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