Overview: If you need to view your time off balance, this can be done directly from the time off page in the Buddy Punch mobile application.

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Viewing Time Off Balances

1. To view your time off balance, start by clicking Time Off in the bottom navigation. (Left image)

2. Once on the Time Off List page, click View Time Off Summary. (Right image)

3. On the Time Off Summary page you'll find your current Balance and your Balance with Future Time Off taken into consideration. (Left image)

4. Click the arrow to the right of the time off type to see more detailed information. (Right image)



Q: Why don't I see the time off option?

A: If you don't see the time off option, then time off is not enabled for your account. Please contact your Administrator if you believe this is an error.

How do I add an accrual entry?

How do I remove an accrual entry?

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