As an administrator you will first want to make sure employees are assigned to a manager and they have "Approval" permission over those employees.  To do that you'll visit the manager's profile by clicking on the "Employees" tab on top, and then click on "View" next to a manager's name:

Then click on the "Employees  Assigned" area and make sure you have all the employees you need assigned with Approval access.  If you need to add more or make changes, click on the "Edit Assignment" button:

Once that is done the manager can punch any employees they have "Approval" access over both in and out.  This can be done from the website (either on a computer or smartphone) or from our smartphone apps.

To do this on the website, the manager will sign in and then visit "Timecards" in the top navigation and click on 

They will then click on "View" next to the employee's name:

And then click on "Add New" and "Punch" to add a punch in, or punch in and out for the employee:

To add a Punch Out if an employee is already punched in, they will need to add a punch directly on the time card instead of using the "Add New" button:

If you would like to use our smartphone apps to punch an employee in and out, you will first login to the smartphone app as a manager.  Then click on the menu on the upper left hand corner and visit the Timecards area:

From here you can click on an employee's name and then click on the + button in the upper right hand corner and select "Add Punch."

If they are looking to add a punch out when a punch in already exists, they still visit the time card area and the click on the "Punch In" time to add a punch out time:

They can then see the Punch Out area and add a time to it:

That's it, now the employee is either punched in or out, depending on what method you would like to use.  The website can be used from a mobile device or our smartphone apps can be used.  Search for "Buddy Punch" in either the App Store or Google Play.

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