As an administrator first go to Settings, then QR Code Settings.  

You will first need to enable QR Codes, and then decide on how you'd like a QR Code scan to work.  It can either punch an employee in or out, or it can log them in.  If logging them in then the employee or manager will need to click the Punch button after being logged in.  If you select "Punch" for the action, then the employee will automatically be punched in and out after the code is scanned.  When ready select Save at the bottom:

If you'd like your managers to simply scan a QR Code for the employees to be punched in and out, select the "Punch without picture" for the website and "Punch without picture" for the Mobile App.  Then they can use either the website or app for the same experience.

To print the QR Codes for your employees you can do this all at once, or you can do this one at a time.  You can view and print QR Codes by clicking the Link in the settings area:

You can print this page directly from the browser (right click on the page and select "Print"):

Or you can visit the employee's profile and print their individual QR code from there:

Once you have the QR Code now you'll just need to scan it.  This can be done from any device with a camera (smartphone, tablet, computer).

To scan from a computer you will the login page and select the QR Code button:

You will then hold the QR Code up to the camera, it is automatically scanned and you will get a confirmation that the employee is either punched in or out.

To use our smartphone apps on a mobile device or tablet you will download the app and then select the QR Code option on the login page:

The experience will be similar, you just hold the QR code up to the camera and wait for it to be scanned.  The employee will then either be punched in or out and you will get a confirmation message after the punch is saved.  You can then repeat the process for the next QR Code.

Note: If you would like to use the front or back camera for QR Code scanning you'll need to login first and then go to Settings and make a selection to prefer the front camera.

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