The best way to track unpaid time off would be by first creating a PTO type named Unpaid Time Off or UTO. You can do this by going to Settings --> PTO and selecting +Add a New PTO Earning Code as shown below: 

Once the PTO earning code is created, you will then need to visit an employees time card or the PTO calendar to add the code.

Currently we don't offer a way to traditionally track unpaid time off, so this is the best workaround we offer until we release an official unpaid time off feature. 

When you go to add in the unpaid time off, you will be required to add in hours 0.1 or above. Enter that amount and save the PTO. You will then want to Edit the PTO and adjust that amount to 0. We recommend using the notes section to specify how many hours the employee was off or what the time off was for.

Once added to the employees time card, it will show as unpaid time off with zero hours added, so that it's not calculated in their worked hours. You can also view the notes associated with the PTO.

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