To view your PTO Calendar, you'll first want to select Timecards in the top navigation followed by PTO Calendar.

Once on the PTO Calendar page, you will see a page similar to the one below. Here's an overview of each section of the PTO Calendar.

1. These two arrows allow you to move to the next or previous month. If you move away from the current month, you can select the Today button to move back to the current month.

2. This section allows you to filter by employees. If you want to view the PTO for only one employee, simply use the employee filter.

3. The Status dropdown allows you to filter PTO based on its status. These statuses include All, Pending Approval. Approved, Denied and Changed by Manager. 

4. The Export button allows you to export PTO information based on your view. This report will include the employees name, the date of the PTO, the type of PTO, how many hours requested, the status of the PTO and notes. 

5. When you need to add new PTO, you can do this by selecting the +PTO button. 

6. If you'd prefer to view PTO in list form, you can change your view by selecting the List button. Change your view to Month by selecting the Month button.   

7. When PTO is added it will show up on the calendar as shown in the example below. It will include the employees name, the PTO type and how many hours of PTO is being taken. If you click the PTO, you will be able to update or delete the PTO.

The Approve and Delete button can only be used in the List view. When in the List view you can quickly select PTO and delete or approve in bulk as needed.

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