If your Administrator has edits enabled, you can add breaks, edit punch times and update time entries. 

Edit a Punch & Add a Break

1. To edit a punch, you'll first want to login to the app and select the three dashes in the top left hand corner (Left image below).

2.  You'll then want to select Time Cards from the menu (Middle image below).

3. Once in your time card, you'll need to select the shift you wish to edit. You will know if it's a real-time punch as it will show a start and end time (Right image below).

4. Once you've selected the shift you need to edit, you'll be able to select either the Punch In or Punch Out time (Left image below).

5. In this example, we're adjusting the Punch In time by selecting the "Edit" button (Middle image below). You can add any notes during this time if you'd like. Once done, click save. 

6. When you selected the punch from your time card, you will also see an option to "Add" a break. Once the break is added, if you need to adjust the time, you can do so from within the same area (Right image below).

Edit a Time Entry

If you need to edit a time entry, you this can also be done from the time card page.

1. Select the time entry you wish to edit. You can tell if it's a time entry as it will show the total amount of hours worked as opposed to a punch in and out time (Left image below).

2. On the Time Entry Edit page you will be able to edit the date, the duration, any locations/departments if assigned, and add notes as needed (Right image below). Once done, select save!

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