Overview: If your Administrator has enabled the facial recognition feature, you can use it to log in or punch in/out directly from our mobile app.


Linking Your Device & Buddy Punch Account

Logging in or Punching Time

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Linking Your Device & Buddy Punch Account

In order for our system to know that your device is associated with a specific Buddy Punch account, you'll need to login once with a username/password. This can be done by any user whether an employee, manager or administrator.

The only time this process would need to be completed again is if the Buddy Punch app was uninstalled/reinstalled.


Logging in or Punching Time

1. To login or punch time using facial recognition, start by launching the Buddy Punch app and click the Facial Recognition option. (Left image)

2. On the next page, you'll want to choose either the Login or Punch option. Choose Punch if you want to punch in or out. If you want to access your full account to review work hours, request time off, or anything else, choose the Login option. (Right image)

3. When you select either option, you will be required to have your picture taken. Once the picture is taken, you can confirm the image by selecting OK or you can re-take the picture by selecting Retry.

4. If you select the Login option, after your identity is confirmed, you will be automatically logged into your account.

5. If you selected the Punch option, you will be taken to a new page where you'll be required to select a Shift (if scheduling is enabled) and you may also need to select a Department Code/Location or Position. The required items will vary depending on account settings. (Left image)

6. After you've selected the required information, select the Punch In button. You will receive a confirmation message letting you know that you are punched in. The same process applied for punching out except you won't need to select Shifts or other codes. (Right image)



Q: Why does it say the facial recognition feature isn't enabled for this account?

A: If you receive a message that facial recognition isn't enabled, it means your account administrator has not set it up. If you believe this is an error, please contact them directly.

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