Overview: You can specify whether your time off types should be paid or unpaid. When unpaid time off is applied to an employee, it will be visible on their time card under the UTO column.


Setting Up Unpaid Time Off

Viewing Unpaid Time Off

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Setting Up Unpaid Time Off

1. Start by clicking Settings in the top navigation followed by Time Off:

2. On the time off settings page, you can either add a new time off earning code by clicking +Add a New Time Off Earning Code or click Edit next to an existing code:

3. You can then specify that the time off type should be Unpaid.

4. Click Save once done. Back on the time off settings page, the time off type will show as unpaid:


Viewing Unpaid Time Off

Once unpaid time off has been added to an employee, it will show up under a new UTO column on the time card:

Unpaid time off is included on the following reports:

  • Hours Report by Location/Department/Position/Time Off Report

  • In/Out Activity Report

  • Employee Detail Report (Optional)

  • Time Card Report



Q: Is unpaid time off included in overtime calculations?

A: No, no time off type whether paid or unpaid is included in overtime calculations.

How do I add an accrual entry?

How do I remove an accrual entry?

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