If you'd like to sync your schedule to iCal, you will want to start by selecting Schedule from the top navigation within Buddy Punch: 

On the scheduling page, select the Options dropdown followed by Calendar Sync:

You will be presented with a popup that contains a URL. Select the Copy button to copy the URL to your clipboard:

Now that you've copied the URL, you'll want to open iCal and select File followed by New Calendar Subscription:

A new box will pop up - this is where you'll want to enter the URL that was previously copied from Buddy Punch. Once entered, select Subscribe:

You will be able to update the settings for the calendar such as the name, the location of the calendar, whether you want to receive alerts or not and how often the feed is refreshed:

When completed, you will see shifts as well as time off on your calendar as well as the name of the calendar on the left hand side of the page:

If you ever want to update your subscription, just right click on the name of the schedule followed by Subscription Settings. To delete the subscription, select Unsubscribe:

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