If you're interested in mapping Customers & Jobs to your Buddy Punch account, but aren't sure how to set them up, please follow the below steps:

  1. To create a job in QuickBooks Desktop Pro, open the “Customer Center” window.

  2. Select the name of the customer for whom you want to make a job from the “Customers & Jobs” list.

  3. Click the “New Customer & Job” button in the upper-left corner of the Customer Center.

  4. Then choose the “Add Job” command from the drop-down to open the “New Job” window.

  5. Enter a name for the job into the “Job Name” field at the top of the window.

  6. Then click the “Job Info” tab.

  7. Enter a description for the job into the “Job Description” field.

  8. Enter the type of job into the “Job Type” field or choose a previous entry from the drop-down menu.

  9. Then select the status of the job from the “Job Status” drop-down field.

  10. When the job starts, enter the start date into the “Start Date” field.

  11. Enter the best estimate as to when the job will finish into the “Projected End Date” field.

  12. When the project finally finishes, enter its actual end date into the “End Date” field.

  13. Click the “OK” button to add the job to the “Customers & Jobs” list.

Once you've got your Customers & Jobs setup, you can import them into Buddy Punch by running the QuickBooks Desktop sync. You can then map your Customers & Jobs to your Buddy Punch Locations/Department Codes. Here's an article that goes over that process in more detail: https://docs.buddypunch.com/en/articles/3396928-quickbooks-desktop-mapping-options

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