We now offer a feature that allows you to calculate your employees pay rate. To set this feature up, you'll want to go to Settings --> Pay Rates.

On the Pay Rates page, you will be able to decide where pay rates are displayed.

  • Display pay rates on Time Cards: If you enable this option Administrators will be able to view estimated pay on all users timecards.

  • Display pay rates on Reports: If you enable this option pay rates for your employees will then show up on the Time Card, Daily Hours, Payroll Export, Hours Summary and Hours Report By reports.

  • Allow Employees to view their pay amounts: If you enable this option, Employees and Managers will be able to view their estimated pay on their time card as well as on their dashboard.

  • Allow managers to view pay rates for employees they have Time Approval permission for: If you enable this option, Managers who have Time Approval permissions over their employees will be able to view pay rates for assigned employees.

  • Export current rates: This option allows you to export all current rates for your employees. The report includes First Name, Last Name, Employee ID, Location/Department Code/Position (If they're being used) as well as the Regular Rate, Overtime Rate, and Double Time Rate.

Please Note: Pay rates are calculated on a daily basis and not per shift.

Once you've got your Pay Rate settings set up, you can then create Pay Rates for each of your employees. This article goes over that process: https://docs.buddypunch.com/en/articles/3459832-how-do-i-setup-my-employees-pay-rate

The view the full article outside of the chat window, please click here.

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