Editing a Pay Rate

If you've created a pay rate for your employee, but need to edit the information, you can do so directly from within an employees profile. 

  1. Select Employees in the top navigation and then View next to an employee's name.

  2. Once in their profile, select Pay Rate from the left hand side and you'll be taken to the Pay Rates section.

  3. To Edit a current pay rate, select the "Edit" button next to it: 

4. On the Edit Page Rate page, you'll be able to enter the employees new Regular, Overtime and Double Time pay rates along with a new effective date. Once done, click Save. 

4. If there is more than one pay rate that has been added for the employee, you will see their effective dates. If you made a mistake or need to delete a pay rate, simply click the Delete button. Please Note: When editing a Pay Rate you are not able to update the Location/Department/Position. A new Pay Rate would need to be created if adjustments needed to be made to any of those options.

Deleting a Pay Rate

If you made a mistake or no longer need a specific Pay Rate, simply click the Delete button next to the Pay Rate type. 

While this will delete the pay rate, it will still be visible on the page in the event it needs to be referenced in the future, but will notate that it's been "Deleted."

View Pay Rate History

If you'd like to view the Pay Rate history for an employee, simply click the "View History" link. Who made what changes to the pay rate, when and what values were changed. 

If you need any guidance on how to setup a Pay Rate, please read over the following article: https://docs.buddypunch.com/en/articles/3459832-how-do-i-setup-my-employees-pay-rate

The view the full article outside of the chat window, please click here.

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