Overview: The facial recognition punching option, which allows an employee to punch in/out by verifying unique facial identifiers, can be used from our website or mobile app.

Important: What you see on the punch page will vary depending on the features your employer is using. You may also see the option to select Location, Department, or Position codes or a shift if scheduling is enabled. You may also be required to take a picture.


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Punch In/Out—Facial Recognition (Web)

1. Start by visiting our website at https://app.buddypunch.com/ and choose the Facial Recognition option:

2. After you've chosen the Facial Recognition feature, you'll then want to select the Punch button:

3. If your employer has you set up with Locations or Departments, you'll be required to select those first and then choose the Punch In button:

4. If your employer has scheduling enabled, you'll need to choose your shift for the day and then select Punch In:

5. Once the punch has been processed, you'll receive a confirmation message:

6. To punch out, choose the Facial Recognition feature, select the Punch button, and you'll be punched out.

Punch In/Out—Facial Recognition (App)

1. Launch the Buddy Punch app and choose the Facial Recognition option on the login screen. (Left image)

2. You'll then want to choose the Punch button. (Middle image)

3. You'll be asked to take a picture - once you've taken one that you're satisfied with, choose the OK button. (Right image)

4. If the punch-in has been processed, you'll receive a confirmation message. Click OK to close it. (Left image)

5. The same process will be done when punching out. Once your punch-out has been processed, you'll receive a confirmation message. Click OK to close it. (Right image)


Q: Why am I being asked to have my picture taken?

A: When using the facial recognition feature, we take a picture to confirm your identity. If you believe this feature shouldn't be enabled, please contact your account Administrator.

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