Facial Recognition Set Up

Step-by-steps instructions on how to setup the facial recognition feature.

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Overview: The facial recognition feature can be enabled and employee pictures set from the facial recognition settings page.

Important: A user (either employee, manager, or admin) must log in once with a username/password to link the device to your account. They should log out once done.


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Enable Facial Recognition

1. Start by clicking Settings in the top navigation followed by Facial Recognition:

2. Check the box next to Enable Facial Recognition and Save once done. You can enable notes and show the device punch history in a web browser as well:

3. You can then enable the facial recognition feature on a per-employee basis. For Administrators, a password will be required for extra security. Entering a password is optional for employees:

4. If you want employees to add their own picture, you can send instructions out on a per-employee basis by choosing Send Instructions to the right of their name. You can also send instructions out to all employees by selecting the Send Instructions to All Employees button:

Set Profile Pictures

1. To set profile pictures, click the Set Profile Picture option to the right of each employee:

2. You can then either upload a picture from a file or capture an image with a webcam:

3. You can also add the profile picture directly from the employee's profile:


Q: Can employees only punch in with facial recognition, or can they log in too?

A: With the facial recognition feature, employees can punch in/out or log in to their accounts.

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