Buddy Punch is a month-to-month service that has pricing tiers based on how many users you have. You are not charged per user, but instead on a tiered basis. After your free trial, the monthly costs will depend on how many "active" employees you have signed up into the system, regardless if they are actively punching in and out.

Employees can be marked "inactive," which means they cannot log in however you can still keep their history. You can also delete employees. You are not charged for employees marked inactive or deleted employees. The employee count is the determining factor in how much you are charged. All accounts have all features enabled.

There are no contracts - the service is month to month.

To find how many employees you have signed in to the system, go to your dashboard and click "Employees" in the top navigation. You can sort by "active."

For timekeeping only, 1-4 employees is $29.99/month total. It is not $29.99/month per user. There are no setup fees or termination fees.

Costs/Fees/Price or Pricing for up to 999 employees can be found here https://buddypunch.com/pricing/over200/

Contact us for pricing over 999 employees.

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