Buddy Punch will track any type of time via a punch in and a punch out. The time between a punch in and a punch out is defined as a "shift" in Buddy Punch. You can assign labels such as Department Codes (like Job Codes) and Locations to shifts.

To start, you will need to create two different codes called "Paid Break" and "Regular Time." If you're already using Location, Department or Position codes then the Regular Time code is not required.

  1. Go to Settings --> Locations (Or Department Codes):

2. Once on the Locations page, click +Add a New Location. When creating the location, you'll be able to specify the Location name which will be visible to the employee when they punch in:

3. Once your codes are created and assigned, when an employee punches in they'll be able to select Regular Time or Paid Break:

4. An employee would start their day by punching into Regular Time and Switch to Paid Break when it's break time. They'd then switch back to Regular Time once their break is over. Here's an example of how this process would show up on the employees time card:

When you run a report on types of time you will see this time broken up by Paid Break vs Regular Time so it can be tracked accordingly.

Please note that Automatic Breaks are not types of time such as Department Codes or Locations but instead a way to automatically punch an employee out and back in during a shift. Therefore automatic breaks do not apply to paid breaks.

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