Overview: With Buddy Punch, you can track both paid and unpaid breaks. Breaks can be set up to automatically occur based on the number of hours worked per day or between punches.


Paid/Unpaid Automatic Breaks

Activating/Deactivating Breaks

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Paid/Unpaid Automatic Breaks

1. Start by going to Settings --> Break Rules:

2. On the Break Rule page, click +Add a New Break Rule:

3. When creating an automatic break you'll need to specify:

  • Break Rule Name

  • If the break is Paid or Unpaid

  • If the break should be applied based on the total time between each punch in/out or based on the total time per day.

  • How many hours an employee needs to work before the rule triggers.

  • The total break time in minutes.

  • Which employees are assigned to the break.

Important: An employee can only be assigned to one automatic break rule at a time.

Once you've made your selections, Save once done.


Activating/Deactivating Breaks

Breaks cannot be deleted if they've previously been used by employees, but they can be deactivated directly from the Settings --> Break Rules page.

1. Start by clicking Edit next to the break rule you want to deactivate:

2. Uncheck the box next to Active and Save once done:

3. The break rule will now be moved to the Inactive tab:

4. You can also activate codes from the Inactive tab by clicking Edit next to the rule you want to activate, check the box next to Active, and Save once done.



Q: How do I remove a break rule when the Delete button is grayed out?

A: If the Delete button is grayed out, this means the rule has been applied to an employee's punches and cannot be deleted. The rule can be deactivated though.

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