If you have enabled Time Card Approvals your employees will be required to submit their time cards to you and the end of each pay period. Your employees can submit their time card prior to the pay period close or after the period closes.

Administrators will be allowed to approve any time card for any employee. Managers will only be able to approve time cards for employees that they have "Approval" rights for (Approval rights are granted in the profile of the manager's account).

Each time card starts the pay period as "Draft." Once the employee submits the time card it will now be "Pending Approval." The administrator or manager assigned to the employee will get an email notification once a time card is submitted. Once an employee submits a time card for approval the pending approval will show on your dashboard:

Once you click on the "Take Action" button you enter the Pending Approval area. You can select multiple time cards (if they exist) and approve them all at one time. However if employees made notes during their submissions you won't see them. Instead you can click the "View" button on each time card to view notes and approve time cards individually or the Approve to approve directly:

Once you are viewing the time card you'll see notes from the employee, the approval history if you've rejected it and they've resubmitted, and the option to approve/reject again.

After clicking on the "Approve/Reject" button you'll be taken to a summary of what you are approving with the options to add notes prior to approving or rejecting. If the time card is rejected the employee will get a notification on their dashboard to act on that rejection. A manager or administrator can manually submit an employee's time card for approval on the employee's behalf, however in the "User" area of the Approval History it will state that the employee was not the one who submitted it.

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