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Is Buddy Punch a Payroll System?
Is Buddy Punch a Payroll System?

Buddy Punch offers payroll services along with payroll provider integrations.

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Buddy Punch is a time tracking system, first and foremost, but we also offer payroll services of our own. Our payroll services have a base monthly fee of $39.00 and a per user/per month fee of $6.00.

We created Buddy Punch Payroll for businesses with hourly employees looking to simplify their time tracking and payroll processes.

Instead of transferring hours out of our system and risking the chance of data entry errors, you can save time and money by processing payroll directly from within the Buddy Punch interface.

Not only will Buddy Punch Payroll simplify the payroll process for you, but it will help improve the employee experience. With self-service access, employees can easily view their tax forms or pay stubs without management intervention.

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