• Buddy Punch keeps track of PTO or Paid Time Off used and comes with the default categorizes Vacation, Holiday, Sick, or Personal. These categories are editable and can be done from the Settings --> PTO area.
  • PTO can be requested in the current or prior pay periods, as well as in the future.
  • Employee's can also enter their own PTO from their timecard view - however PTO they enter will go to the administrator dashboard for approval.

Steps to use the PTO feature:

  1. The first step is to enable the PTO option in the administrative dashboard. Go to Settings --> PTO to enable it.
  2. Once it is enabled visit any employee's time card and you will see a +PTO button. Click on the button to enter hours of PTO by date and by type.

Question: I need to enter some PTO hours for an employee for the pay period before the current one. How do I do so?

Answer: To add PTO to a time card in the past, go to Time Cards in the top navigation bar. Change the Pay Period drop down list to the correct dates and then you can view the Time Cards for that period. Click on the correct time card and you can add PTO from there.  You can also add PTO from the calendar by going to Timecards --> PTO Calendar.

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