There are a couple steps to set it up in Buddy Punch.  First you'll want to enable and setup the integration:

  1. In Buddy Punch go to Settings -> Integrations -> Paychex Settings.
  2. Use the check box to enable the integration and then enter your Paychex Client ID (you will get this ID from Paychex).
  3. You will then map the earnings codes to your Paychex Codes.  You can obtain these codes directly from Paychex.  Once entered, click on "Save."

Employees in Buddy Punch and in Paychex both have an ID number.  These numbers need to match.  You can access the Employee ID numbers by visiting an employee's profile.  You will obtain these ID numbers directly from Paychex.  Here is an example of the setting in Buddy Punch:

Make sure all of your employees in Buddy Punch have an Employee ID Number entered on their employee profile that matches the ID number in Paychex.

Once the steps are followed above navigate to Reports --> Payroll Export.  Then use the drop down to Export the Paychex Format:

When you are ready to run Payroll you can use this export to import directly into Paychex.  If you are unsure on how to use the export file please contact your Paychex representative directly.

*** Note, when exporting the Paychex file do not open and resave the file using Excel.  Excel will change the format of numbers.  For example a "001" would become a "1".  You will want to use notepad to edit, if needed.***

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