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User Management

Tips on how to manage employees time, time off, schedules and availbility.

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Add Salaried Employees
Change A Manager/Employee Password
Managers: What are they and how do they work?
How do I change a user's, employees, or manager's username?
Can Managers update billing information or add new employees?
How do I add additional managers to my account?
How to Delete an Employee, Manager, or Administrator
Upgrading an Employee to Manager and Assigning Employees
Can Manager's see their assigned employees pay amount?
How to Add New Employees
How to Add Administrators
How to Activate or Deactivate Employees/Managers
Can I send messages to my employees?
Where can I see which Managers are assigned to an employee?
How to create groups of people to select in Buddy Punch.
How do I send an email or push notification to an employee?
How do I add a new employee?
What are the character limits and requirements for creating a new employee?
How can admins or administrators track their own time?
How do I resend the initial email or welcome email to the employee?
Can I add in total time per day, or a duration for Salary employees?
How to Get an Email Notification on Each Punch In/Out
How To Set Time Zones On A Per-Employee Basis
What are Pending Approvals? How do I approve/deny them?
How do I change a password for an employee?
What Do I Do With Terminated Staff To Stop The Employee From Logging In?
How Do I Remove An Admin Or Administrator From My Account?