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Help Using Buddy Punch
Help Using Buddy Punch
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I Forgot My Password. How Can I Reset It From The App?
I Forgot My Username. How Can I Find This Information?
How Do I Get The App To Remember My Login Information?
How do I view notifications from the app?
How do I update my communication preferences?
How Do I Change My Password From My Mobile Phone Browser?
As an Admin, how do I update my name, email or password?
As an Administrator, how do I change my password?
Can the Buddy Punch app be switched to landscape mode?
Follow These Steps To Receive Push Notifications
How do I change camera permissions for the Buddy Punch app?
How do I enable Location Services on my mobile device?
How Do I Reset My Password From My Mobile Device?
I Forgot My Username. How Do I Find This Information?
How do I enable push notifications on my device?
How can I disable or clear autofill for my browser?
How to Enter Notes—Website (Administrator, Manager, or Employee)
Does the Buddy Punch app store any data on a tablet or phone?
Touch ID on iPhone and iPad
How do I manage my email or notification settings?
How do I clear my cache? (Windows, Mac, Mobile - iOS, Android)
How to select a Customer when Punching in for Job Costing
Emails from Buddy Punch keep going to Spam, or I can't find them. What can I do?
I would like to use either the rear facing or front facing camera only on my Windows 10 tablet.
Android App
Apple iOS App
How much data is used to punch in and out on a phone or mobile device?
Logging In/Out
Do I need to log out?
Can my employees sign in from any computer?
Why do I keep getting logged out?