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Approving or Rejecting a Time Card As A Manager (App)​
Approving or Rejecting a Time Card As A Manager (App)​

Step-by-step instructions on how to review and either approve or reject a time card as a manager from our mobile app.

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Overview: When using time card approvals, Managers with Approval permissions can review employee time cards at the end of the pay period. If correct, they can Approve the time card and move onto payroll processing. If incorrect, they can Reject the time card back to the employee to make changes.

Additional Resources:

Pending time card approvals will show up on the Dashboard page in-app. Click the arrow next to an employee's name to visit their time card. After you've reviewed their hours, click the Approve/Reject if you're ready to take action.

Can you enter a note if needed and either Approve or Reject the time card. Once the time card is approved it becomes locked. You can Reject it from the time card.

Important: If you need to approve multiple time cards at once, you can do so from the Time Card Approvals page via the bulk approve option.


Q: What happens if an employee submits a time card early?

A: If an employee submits a time card too early, they won't be able to punch in or out. If the time card is approved, it will have to be rejected back to the employee. If the time card is still pending, it can be reset to draft mode from our website.

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