Overview: If your Administrator allows edits, you can edit a punch or time entry from within the Buddy Punch mobile app.


Edit a Punch

Edit a Time Entry

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Edit a Punch

1. After you've logged into the Buddy Punch app, click Time Cards in the bottom navigation. (Left image)

2. Once on your time card, click the punch you'd like to edit. (Middle image)

3. Click either the Punch In or Punch Out to edit those times. (Right image)

4. On the Edit Punch page, click the Edit link to edit your punch time. Click Save once done. (Left image)

5. If your Administrator requires approval for punch changes, you'll see the punch status changed to Pending Approval. If your employer doesn't require approvals, the change will be applied immediately. (Right image)


Edit a Time Entry

1. To edit a time entry, start by clicking Time Cards in the bottom navigation. (Left image)

2. Once on your time card, click the time entry you want to edit. (Middle image)

3. On the time entry edit page, you can edit the date, duration or any codes assigned. Click Save once done. Or if you want to delete a time entry, click the Delete button. (Right image)



Q: Why don't I see the option to delete a punch?

A: Only Administrators and Managers are allowed to delete punches.

Q: Why can't I edit my punch?

A: If you don't have the option to select a punch for editing, then your Administrator doesn't allow edits. You'd need to contact your Manager or Administrator for assistance with editing punches.

How do I add an accrual entry?

How do I remove an accrual entry?

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