Time Entry (Duration) Overview

Time Entry (Duration) allows a user to enter their total amount of hours worked as opposed to punching time.

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Overview: The Time Entry (Duration) feature allows users to enter their total amount of hours worked as opposed to punching in or out.

Common Use Cases: This feature is commonly used for tracking salaried employees' work hours. It's also used when employees only need to track the amount of time spent on a particular project or task as opposed to the hours worked.


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Time Entry (Duration) Setup

1. Start by clicking Settings --> Time Entry Options:

2. On the Time Entry Options page, you can either set an employee up for:

  • Time Entry Only (Duration): This option only allows an employee to enter their hours worked. The option to punch in or out in real-time will be removed.

  • Punches & Time Entry: This option allows an employee to choose between entering their total amount of hours worked or punching in and out in real-time.

3. Click Save Once done.

Add a Time Entry (Web) - Administrator/Manager

1. As an Administrator and Manager (with Approval permissions), you can add a Time Entry to an employee's time card. Start by clicking Timecards in the top navigation followed by View All:

2. On the Timecard page, click View next to an employee's name:

3. Now that you're viewing the employee's time card, you will want to select the Add New dropdown followed by Time Entry:

4. When adding a Time Entry you will be able to select the date, duration, location/department if applicable, and add a note if needed. You can add multiple time entries at once by selecting the +Add New button.

If you need to add time entries for an entire pay period, you can choose the Add Weekdays option and time entries will be populated for each day of the week - weekends are excluded. If the time entries have the same duration, simply enter the duration at the top next to Duration and choose Apply to All:

5. Click Save once done. 

Add a Time Entry (App) - Administrator/Manager

1. Start by logging into the app. Once logged in, click the three dashed menu located in the top left-hand corner. (Left image)

2. Once the menu is open click Time Cards. (Middle image)

3. On the time card page, select the employee who you need to add the time entry to. (Right image)

4. Once on the employee's time card, select the + button located in the top right-hand corner. (Left image)

5. Then click Add Time Entry. (Middle image)

6. On the time entry add page you will be able to select the date, the duration, location, and department (if applicable) and add a note if needed. Save once done. (Right image)

Here's an example of how the time entry will show up on the employee's time card in app:

Delete a Time Entry


1. To delete a time entry in web, visit the time card and click the red trash can delete button to the right of the time entry:

2. Multiple time entries can be deleted at once by clicking the Edit All button at the top of the time card:

3. On the time entry edit page, click the red Delete button to delete a time entry. Save once done.


1. When viewing the time card, click the time entry you want to delete. (Left image)

2. Click the Delete button. (Right image)


Q: Why don't I see the time entry option?

A: If you're not seeing the time entry option, then it's not enabled. Please reference the instructions at the top of this article.

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