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How to Take Action on Pending Time Off—Manager (Web)
How to Take Action on Pending Time Off—Manager (Web)

Step-by-step instructions on how to approve, deny, or edit time off for your assigned employees from our website.

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Overview: Managers can approve, edit, or deny/delete time off for those they have approval permissions over from our website.


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Approve/Deny Time Off

1. There are several different ways to approve time off. The first is directly from the dashboard under the Pending Approval ---> Time Off section on your Dashboard.

Click Approve to immediately Approve the time off. If you want to review the time off, click the View button:

2. If you click View, you'll be taken to the Time Off Calendar, where you can check the box next to the time off in question and click the Approve or Deny button:

3. You can also click the time off from the Time Off Calendar, enter a note if needed, and Approve or Deny from that page as well:

Important: Once time off has been denied, the employee will be notified, the status will change to denied, and the number of hours will be updated to 0.

Edit Time Off

1. To edit time off from the Time Off Calendar, start by clicking Timecards in the top navigation followed by Time Off Calendar:

2. Once on the Time Off Calendar, click the time off you want to edit:

3. You can then update the Time Off Type, Hours and add a Note if needed. Save once done:

4. You can also edit time off directly from the employee's time card by clicking Edit next to the time off in question:


Q: Why don't I see the option to delete time off?

A: In order to delete time off, the "Shifts and Time Off can be Deleted" option must be enabled by an Administrator under Settings --> Account Settings.

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