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What is the Billable option used for on Location and Department Codes?
What is the Billable option used for on Location and Department Codes?

The Billable option is used for our QuickBooks Desktop integration and allows you to specify if time should be considered billable.

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Overview: The Billable option allows you to specify whether time should be considered billable or not. When you transfer employee work hours into QuickBooks Desktop, time activities will be marked as billable or unbillable based on the setting.


Additional Resources:

Marking Locations/Department Codes as Billable

1. To mark a Location or Department Code as Billable, start by clicking Settings followed by Locations or Department Codes:

2. When creating a new Location or Department Code, simply check the box next to Billable and Save once done. You can also update existing codes if needed:

If you'd like for newly synced Customers & Jobs, Service Items or Classes to be marked as Billable, go to Settings --> Integrations --> Integrate with QuickBooks Desktop and choose the Map Customers & Jobs, Service Items, and Classes button:

You will then want to check either the option to mark Locations or Department Codes as billable when new items are imported:

Viewing Billable/Unbillable Hours in QuickBooks Desktop

1. To view billable or unbillable hours in QuickBooks Desktop, start by clicking Employees in the top navigation followed by Enter Time --> Use Weekly Timesheet:

2. Time that was imported will be marked as either billable or not under the Billable column, based on your setup in Buddy Punch:


Q: What happens if I mark a Location billable, but a Department Code not billable, or vice versa?

A: If a Location is marked billable, but an associated Department Code is not, and an employee works under those codes, the billable setting will take priority.

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