Overview: Managers with Approval permissions can add, edit, or delete punches as needed from our website.

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You can add time off through the Time Cards section in-app. On the time cards page, you can choose the pay period you want to view and then click the arrow next to an employee.

Once on their time card, click the plus ( + ) button followed by Add Punch.

Enter all required punch details, a note if needed, and Save when done. The punch will then be added to their time card. You can edit an existing punch by choosing the arrow next to the punch in question on the employees time card:


Q: I'm a Manager but I'm not seeing an option to add or edit punches. How do I fix this?

A: If you're a Manager, don't have the ability to add or edit punches then this ability hasn't been enabled by your Administrator. Please reach out to them if you believe this is incorrect.

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