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How to Access or Distribute W-2s/1099s
How to Access or Distribute W-2s/1099s

Step-by-step instructions on how to access or distribute your employee W2s or contractor 1099s.

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Overview: The IRS requires that all W-2 and 1099 forms for the current year are postmarked or provided electronically by January 31st. Buddy Punch handles the electronic and mail distribution of these forms.

Electronic Copy: Electronic access to forms will be provided to all your employees and contractors. They will be available in their, and your, account by January 31st.

Paper Copy: If an employee chooses to have their forms mailed, they will be sent out to the address on file in Buddy Punch as of December 31st. Mailed forms should arrive by January 31st.


Additional Resources:

Access W-2s or 1099s

To access W-2s or 1099s, log in to your account and click Payroll in the top navigation, followed by People. Click View next to the name of the user whose documents you want to view:

You will then want to click Documents from the left-hand side, and then once at the Document section; you can click Download next to any available document:

Print/Mail Forms (Optional)

Employees have the option to get their W2 forms delivered electronically or by mail. If employees choose electronically, but your normal business practice is to mail them, you can print and/or mail these forms yourself.

You can download them using the instructions above and print them on standard 8.5” x 11” paper using black ink.

To mail the forms, be sure to get the correct envelopes.

  • W-2s should be mailed in 6666-2 envelopes

  • 1099's should be mailed in 7777-2 envelopes

Please note: Proceeding with this option doesn't exclude you from incurring fees from Buddy Punch mailing W2s to those who have selected a mail copy, or who are terminated workers.


Q: Do I need to send my workers their W2s or 1099s?

A: No, all electronic access to forms will be provided to all your employees and contractors directly from their Buddy Punch accounts.

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