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How to Enable the Webcam Feature
How to Enable the Webcam Feature

Step-by-step instructions on how to enable the webcam feature and view related images.

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Overview: Our webcam feature allows you to capture an image of a worker whenever they punch in/out, start/end a break, or switch between jobs or shifts. The image is added to their time card next to the corresponding action.


Enable the Webcam Feature

1. To enable the webcam feature, start by heading to Settings --> Webcam Settings:

2. From there, you'll want to check the box next to Enable Webcam on Punches. Once you do, you will then be able to set the feature up per employee:

  • Off: The worker will not be required to take a picture to punch in/out.

  • Optional: The worker will have the choice to take a picture, or not, to punch in/out.

  • Required: The worker must take a picture to punch in/out.

3. When done making necessary changes, click Save.

View Webcam Images

1. When on the dashboard, you can view the webcam image captured for currently punched in workers by clicking the small image to the right of their punch information:

2. Once you do, it will expand for a more detailed view:

3. You can also view webcam images directly from an employee time card:

4. The image can also be viewed on any non-summary report, such as the In/Out Activity Report:

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