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Requesting Accelerated Payroll Processing
Requesting Accelerated Payroll Processing
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Overview: Buddy Punch offers different payroll processing options to meet the diverse needs of employers. These options include:

  • Standard processing: payroll is approved 4 days before payday

  • Accelerated processing: payroll is approved 2 days before payday


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Permanent Accelerated Processing

Employers seeking a permanent transition to process payroll on a 2-day processing schedule may be considered for an upgrade to Accelerated processing by submitting any of the following documentation:

  • A minimum of two months of bank statements

  • Profit and loss statement

  • Balance sheet

  • Cash flow statement

Buddy Punch will diligently review the provided documentation and proceed to approve the company for accelerated processing, deny the request, or request supplementary documents for further assessment.

Please note that any prior debit returns will render a company ineligible for an upgrade unless the returns are repaid within five business days.

Consideration of Accelerated Processing

When it comes to consideration of Accelerated requests, there is no guarantee that the upgrade will be granted. To ensure timely payment for employees, it is recommended that employers issue manual checks for the current pay cycle if their Accelerated Processing requests are still pending.

In addition to submitting the necessary documentation, employers may be eligible for an upgrade to accelerated processing if certain criteria are met, such as completing 10 successful payrolls with no debit returns.


Q: What risks are associated with Accelerated processing?

A: Accelerated processing involves Buddy Punch taking a short-term risk regarding the employer's fund availability for payroll. If the employer lacks sufficient funds for payroll, Buddy Punch may pay employees before the settlement of the ACH debit. In such cases, Buddy Punch will need to collect those funds from the employer afterward and may incur a loss.

Q: Are there any eligibility criteria for companies to "graduate" to Accelerated processing?

A: Yes, companies can "graduate" to Accelerated processing by meeting specific conditions, including successfully completing ten payrolls with no debit returns. Further details on the criteria for graduating to Accelerated processing can be found in this article above.

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