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How to Run Payroll

Step-by-step instructions on how to process payroll.

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Overview: When the pay period has closed, or if you need to run an off-cycle payroll, you can easily do so from our website by choosing Payroll --> Run Payroll in the top navigation.


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Scheduled Payroll

1. Once the pay period has closed and you're ready to run a regularly scheduled payroll, you can start by clicking Payroll in the top navigation, followed by Run Payroll:

2. Select the pay period you want to run the payroll on from the dropdown. You will then want to click Run Report to populate hours. If everything looks good, click Import Time Into Payroll:

3. After your employee's hours have been synced, you will be able to:

If you're unsatisfied with the payroll, you can delete it from this page or save it to come back and work on later. Saved payrolls are stored under Payroll --> View Payroll in the top navigation.

If changes have been made to employee time and you need to re-sync, choose the Reimport time into Payroll button in the top left-hand corner.

If you're ready to continue with payroll click Save Draft first and then click Preview Payroll:

5. Here you'll see a breakdown of pay and taxes for each employee along with the total costs for payroll to you as the employer under the Cash requirement section:

If everything looks good, click the Submit Payroll button:

6. You've officially processed payroll and will receive a success message if everything went as planned. You will receive an email letting you know your payroll is pending and will also receive an email if there are any issues or once it's been processed.

If ever you need to re-open payroll to make adjustments, this can be done by choosing Payroll --> View Payrolls in the top navigation. You can re-open from there. P

Please know that payroll needs to be submitted by 3:00 pm Central time, so you will see the Contact Us option if you've passed that deadline. Otherwise, you are able to make edits as needed up until that time.

Off-cycle Payroll

An off-cycle payroll works a lot like a normally scheduled payroll (please see above), with the exception that you have to manually specify the pay period start/end date, the pay date and some information regarding taxes/benefits:

Please keep in mind that the pay date would need to be at least 2 or 4 days out from the current date. Whether it's 2 or 4 days will vary depending on your payroll processing time. As an example, if you're 2-day processing, you'd have to choose a date at least 2 days from the current date. Not sure if you're on 2 or 4-day payroll processing? Go to Payroll --> Company Details to find out!


Q: When do I have to submit payroll?

If you're on a 2-day payroll processing, you'll have to submit at least 2 days before your anticipated pay date. If you're on 4-day payroll, it must be submitted at least 4 days before your anticipated pay date.

Q: What time does payroll have to be submitted?

Payroll has to be submitted by 3:00pm Central time to meet the approval deadline.

Q: How long does it take to process payroll?

We have 2-day and 4-day payroll processing. 2-day processing does require certain verification, which is typically covered during the onboarding process.

Q: What should I do if I miss the payroll approval deadline?

You will want to contact us right away, and we can provide you with the options available.

Q: When time do employees get paid?

Employees are paid between 9:00am and 5:30pm local time.

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