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How to Run an Off Cycle Payroll
How to Run an Off Cycle Payroll

Step-by-step instructions on how to run an off-cycle payroll in the event of a missed payroll deadline.

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Overview: If you miss your payroll deadline, want to pay an employee manually outside of the normal pay date, or report past manual pay, this can be done using the off-cycle payroll.

Important: If you miss your payroll approval deadline and would rather not pay employees manually, you can simply move your pay date forward as needed via the Settings --> Pay Periods page.


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Run Off-Cycle Payroll

1. To run an off-cycle payroll, click Payroll in the top navigation, followed by Run Payroll.

2. Click the Off-Cycle Payroll Options button:

3. From there, you can specify the dates you're paying for, the pay date, and whether you want to:

  • Tax all earnings as supplemental earnings

  • Apply benefits

  • Apply pre-tax deductions

Click Create Off Cycle Payroll when done:

4. After you've imported time, you can then

  • Specify Direct Deposit or Manual Payment

  • Set or Adjust Earnings

  • Add Additional Earnings or Reimbursements

  • Set PTO

  • View Gross Pay

Important: If you select to pay employees via manual payment, we'll still collect tax liabilities if necessary but you're responsible for paying employees out per any preferred method. You can reference the Net Pay on the Run Payroll page.

5. If everything looks good, you can Save Draft and Continue in the top right. Otherwise, you can Delete Payroll if you need to start over.

6. On the next Run Payroll page, you can see Pay Breakdown, Taxes, Hourly Breakdown, Post-Tax Deduction, and Benefits as well as Cash Requirement.

Cash Requirement includes employee/employer taxes. reimbursements, contractor payments, post-tax deductions.

7. As a final step, click the Submit payroll button.


Q: Do I need to process a manual payroll if I miss the payroll deadline?

A: No, you are not required to process a manual payroll but can instead push your payment date forward as needed.

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