IP Address Lock Setup

Step by step instructions on how to set up the IP Address Lock.

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Overview: If you want to restrict where an employee is allowed to punch time from, then the IP Address Lock is a great feature to use. You can specify an IP Address, such as the one associated with the devices at your place of work, and employees can only punch time from those devices. Multiple IP Address Locks can be created and assigned.

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IP Address Lock Set Up

1. Start by clicking Settings in the top navigation followed by IP Address Locks:

2. On the IP Address Lock page, click the +Add a New IP Address Lock button:

3. You will then be able to enter the IP Address you'd like to lock employees to. If you don't know your IP address, we'll show the IP Address you're currently using. Simply copy and paste that number into the IP Address box, assign your employees:

4. Save once done.


Q: What is an IP Address?

A: The IP Address you are locking to comes from your ISP. This is not an internal IP Address. Locks are best used in office environments so you can lock your employees to that office. Cell phones, if using a cellular connection, will have randomly assigned IP Addresses that will change. You can use an IP Lock with cell phones but they would be required to use Wi-Fi in order to use the IP address that you are locked to.

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