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How to Get an Email Notification on Each Punch In/Out
How to Get an Email Notification on Each Punch In/Out

We provide email notifications on punches. You can turn this on or off per account.

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Overview: Each administrator or manager can get notified of all punches in or out via email. Administrators will get emails on all employees. Managers will get emails only on employees they have View or Approval rights over.

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Enabling Punch Email Notification

1. Start by clicking your name in the top right-hand corner followed by My Profile:

2. Once in your profile, scroll down to find your Communication Preferences. You'll want to check the Email box next to Notifications on each Punch:

3. Click Update Communication Preferences to save.

You will now receive emails on every punch in/out. They will come from "[email protected]" and look like this:


Q: I have the punch notification email enabled, but I'm not getting anything.

A: It's possible the email is being redirected, please check there. You will also want to make sure you whitelist the following email: [email protected]

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