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How to Setup and View Basic GPS
How to Setup and View Basic GPS

We capture GPS coordinates when using a mobile device. Make sure each device is setup to share those GPS coordinates.

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Overview: With our Basic GPS feature, Buddy Punch can record the GPS location when your employees/managers punch in or out.

Important: Basic GPS information can currently only be viewed from our website. You can use either a computer, tablet, or smartphone web browser


Set Up GPS

1. Start by clicking Settings in the top navigation followed by GPS Settings:

2. On the GPS Settings page, check the box next to Allow GPS Tracking. You'll then be able to choose the following options for each individual employee:

  • Off: If the feature is set to Off no GPS coordinates will be captured for the employee when they punch in or out.

  • Optional: If the feature is set to Optional, an employee has the option to share their GPS coordinates when they punch in or out.

  • Required: If the feature is set to Required, an employee is required to share their GPS coordinates in order to punch in or out.

3. Click Save once done.

View GPS Coordinates

1. One of the first places to view GPS coordinates is on the dashboard under the Punched In or Punched Out sections. Click the location icon to the right of a punch:

2. You can also view GPS coordinates on an employee's time card by clicking the Map or View Punches on Map link.

3. You will then be taken to a page that looks like the one below. You'll see the Punch In time, whether they used our mobile app or a desktop to punch time, and the Device GPS Timestamp:

Please Note: GPS Coordinates are reported by the device that your employees are using. Note that desktops, laptops, and tablets typically will not have a GPS receiver. Therefore the GPS locations reported by those devices cannot be considered accurate. GPS coordinates reported by a mobile phone or any device with a GPS receiver are expected to be much more accurate. Buddy Punch merely reports on coordinates that each device reports and cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the reported data.


Q: Why don't I see GPS coordinates in-app?

A: Currently, GPS coordinates are only viewable through our web browser - whether that be a computer/laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

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