Employees make mistakes and the error handling feature of Buddy Punch is why the system is so easy to use. Whenever an employee changes something on their end, you are prompted to view that change & take action.

  1. Log Into Buddy Punch's Dashboard via https://app.buddypunch.com
  2. Click on the "Take Action" button on the dashbaord.
  3. You are taken to that employee's time card.  The time card gives a status for each punch.  Any punches that need your attention will be labeled "Take Action"

4. Click on the button.

5. You are brought to a screen where you can view the punch time that was requested by your employee as well as a change history on that specific punch.  In order to change the time, click on the time:

6. You are then given a date & time picker where you can change the time, or just accept what they provided you.

7. You don't have to click into the box and change the time if you don't require a change.  If you do require a change, go ahead and select the date and time.  When you're done click on "Save":

8. After you click on "Save," you are taken back to the employee's time card.  Notice the change?  The status changed from "Pending Approval" to "Approved."

*** Please note ***
A. If you don't make a change (& save what the employee gave you) the status is always "Approved."  
B. If you do make a change the status changes to "Changed by Manager."
C. The only time a "Denied" is displayed is if the admin changes the Pending Approval time to the time when the employee logs into Buddy Punch to make a change.  (For example if an employee punches in at noon but changes the time to 11am, when the admin views the approval and changes the time to noon, that is a denial.)

9. After you finish all of the pending approvals for an employee the notification on the dashboard will no longer show.

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