When signed in as an administrator click on the "Employees" top navigation item and then the + Add a New Employee button:

From here you will add your employee information, outlined below:

After an employee is added we will email them their username and password (if you provided an email for them).  It will look like this:

Once an employee has their login information, they'll login to punch in and out.  Here is what the punch process will look like for them:

And here is the punch out process:

If an employee needs to edit their time, they can do so right from the application.  You can turn edits off for all employees (Settings --> Account Settings).

By default any edits made will generate a Pending Approval for you to act on.  If you do not want to be notified or have to approve changes, you can turn off these notifications by going to each employee's profile (Employees --> View).

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