Overview: The geofencing feature allows you to specify a radius around a location and only once an employee is with that radius can they punch time. Multiple geofences can be created and as long as an employee is within one of the assigned geofences they can punch in or out. If they try to punch time outside of the geofence, they will receive an error.

Important: Geofences use GPS coordinates, so employees are required to use our smartphone app if assigned a geofence. However, if your employee is assigned both a geofence and an IP Address Lock, they can use either one. IP address Locks can be used without the smartphone apps. Learn more about IP Address Locks here.


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Create A Geofence

1. To create a geofence or multiple geofences, start by going to Settings followed by Geofences:

2. On the Geofences page, click the +Add a New Geofence Rule button:

3. There are a few important fields to fill out/populate with data which include:

  • Name: The name of the geofence will be visible to the employee when they punch in/out of the geofence.

  • Address: This will be the location of your geofence. After you've entered your geofence address, click Search to populate the latitude and longitude. Alternatively, you can manually enter the latitude and longitude coordinates.

  • Radius: The radius will specify the area around a geofence an employee is allowed to punch time.

  • Code assignments: If you're using locations or departments, they can be assigned to a geofence and employees will only be able to select the associated code when punching into the assigned geofence. If you want the employee to select their codes when they punch in, leave the option unchecked.

Lastly, you'll want to ensure the Active box is checked and you've gotten the appropriate employees assigned. Save once done.

4. Once saved, you'll be taken back to the Geofences page where you'll find your newly created geofence and can create others as needed:

Change Geofence Assignments (Multiple Employees)

1. To change geofencing assignments for multiple employees at once, you'll want to start by going to Settings --> Geofences.

2. On the Geofences page, select Edit next to the geofence you need to change assignments for:

3. You then check or uncheck assignments for employees as needed. Save once done:

Change Geofence Assignments (Single Employee)

1. To change geofencing assignments for a single employee, you'll want to start by clicking Employees in the top navigation and then View next to the employee in question. Clicking View will take you to their profile.

2. In the employee's profile, click Geofences in the left-hand menu. Once at that section, click Edit Assignment:

3. You can then quickly check or uncheck geofence assignments as needed. Save once done:

Deactivate, Reactive, or Delete a Geofence

1. To deactivate a geofence, start by going to Settings --> Geofences. Once on the Geofences page, click Edit next to the geofence you'd like to deactivate:

2. Uncheck the box next to Active and Save once done:

1. To reactivate a geofence, click the Inactive tab and then Edit next to the geofence you want to reactivate. You'll then want to check the box next to Active and Save once done. The geofence will now be moved to the Active tab:

1. To delete a geofence, go to Settings --> Geofences. On the Geofences page, select the Delete button to the far right of the geofence:

Important Things to Remember

Now that you've got your employees set up with geofencing, there are a few important things to remember:

  1. Your employees can still log in from anywhere. A geofence will only restrict punching in and out.

  2. Your employees will still need to punch in and out when they're in the geofence. We do not automatically punch employees in and out when they enter or leave.

  3. Geofences require the use of our smartphone apps. If you want employees to also punch in/out from an office location, you'll also want to set up an IP Address Lock.

  4. If you're using scheduling and have assigned a location or department to a shift, an employee will not be able to view that shift if it doesn't match their geofencing auto-assignments.


Q: Why can't employees use geofencing from a website?

A: Most computers/laptops don't have GPS receivers and instead use the ISP or browser to determine location. This is not very accurate and so we've restricted geofence use to mobile apps to ensure the most accurate location is gathered.

Q: Are employees automatically punched in/out if they enter or leave a geofence?

A: Currently we only capture an employee's location when they punch in or out. We don't actively track them while punched in. Since we don't know if they're entering or leaving a geofence, we don't automatically punch them in/out.

Q: Can I receive a notification if an employee leaves a geofence?

A: No, we don't track employees at all times so we can't send a notification if they leave the geofence.

Q: What happens if an employee tries to punch time outside of a geofence?

A: If an employee tries to punch time outside of an assigned geofence, they will receive an error along with a map of their current location and the location of the geofence.

Q: Is there an error log that can let me know if an employee tried to punch time outside of the geofence?

A: Yes, the Employee Error Log can let you know if an employee tried to punch time outside of the geofence. This report is found under Reports in the top navigation.

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