Retry A Failed Payment

Step-by-step instructions on how to retry a failed payment from the billing page.

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Overview: If your payment has failed and you need to retry the payment, this can be done from the Billing page.

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Retry A Failed Payment

1. To retry a failed payment, start by clicking Settings in the top navigation followed by Billing:

2. You'll then want to click the Retry Payment button. If the payment processes, the Retry Payment button will be removed and you'll receive an email with your receipt:

Please Note: This button will only appear if we tried to process a payment and it failed. Please reach out to us via chat or by email at if you need any assistance.


Q: My payment failed because my card compromised how can I update it?

A: You can update your payment information by clicking the Edit Billing Information button on the Billing page. You can Retry Payment once the information is updated.

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