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How do I send an email or push notification to an employee?
How do I send an email or push notification to an employee?

You can send an email or push notification to an employee from within your Buddy Punch account.

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Overview: Using our messaging feature, you can send single or multiple employees an email or push notification. Please know, the messaging feature is currently only one-way meaning employees are not able to respond to push notifications and if they reply to an email notification, it will go to the email of the user who sent the message.

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Send A Message to Employees

1. Start by clicking the Message icon located in the top navigation:

2. You'll then be able to:

  • Choose whether to send an Email, Push notification, or Both.

  • Decide which employees the message should send to.

  • Enter the subject of the message.

  • Enter the main body of the message.

3. Click Send Message once done.

If at any point you need to review previously sent messages, you can select Message Log. You will be able to filter by employee and the type of message sent (email/push). You will also be able to view the original message and see exactly when it was sent:

Please Note: In order for an employee to receive a push notification they must have the Buddy Punch app installed and have logged into their account at least once. If they uninstall the app, they will not receive push notifications.


Q: Can employees respond to my messages?

A: Employees are not able to respond to push notifications. They can reply to emails, however, their response will go to the email used by the message sender.

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