If you'd like to send an email or push notification to all or specific employees, you'll want to select the Message icon on the navigation bar:

A window will pop up where you can select either Email, Push or Both. The Email option will send an email message to an employee. The Push option will send a push notification directly to the employees mobile device.

This is also where you'll select the employees you'd like to send the message and of course you can enter the subject and the body of the message. Just click "Send Message" when you've composed your message.

If at any point you need to review previously sent messages, you can select "Message Log." You will be able to filter by employee and the type of message send (email/push). You will also be able to view the original message and see exactly when it was sent.

Please Note: In order for an employee to receive a push notification they must have the app installed and have logged into their account at least once. If they uninstall the app, they will not receive push notifications.

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