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How do I enable push notifications on my device?
How do I enable push notifications on my device?

Step by step instructions on how to enable notifications on your device.

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Overview: If you're not receiving push notifications, you may need to enable the option. You will first need to know what version your device is using. This can generally be found by visiting Settings and looking for About or Device Information.

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Enable Push Notifications

Once you've determined what version your device is using, you can use the following instructions to enable push notifications:

Android 9.0

  1.  Swipe down the notification shade and tap Settings gear icon.

  2. Tap Apps & notifications.

  3. Tap See all apps.

  4. Select the Buddy Punch app.

  5. Tap Notifications.

  6. Turn on toggle “Show notifications.

Android 8.0

  1. On the home screen or in the app drawer, long press on the Buddy Punch app.

  2. In the pop-up window that appears, tap the Info icon, represented by a lowercase “i.” This will take you to the App Info page.

  3. Tap App Notifications.

  4. From this screen, you can enable all notifications for the app (represented by the on/off switch at the top).

Android 7.0

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications.

  2. Select the Buddy Punch app and you’ll get options to block its notifications, show them silently, display them on the lock screen, or override Do Not Disturb mode.

  3. Touch the On The Lock Screen option for additional choices. This allows you to show all notification content, hide sensitive content, or not show these notifications at all.

Android 5.0 and Above

  1. Swipe down from the status bar, then press the gear icon at the top. This allows you to quickly open general settings.

  2. With settings open, tap “Sound & Notification.”

  3. You will then want to click on "App Notifications" and scroll to find the Buddy Punch app.

  4. In the Buddy Punch app notification settings, you can allow notifications.

Android 4.1 and Above

  1.  Tap Settings to open Android Settings.

  2. In Android settings tap on the App option to open Android application management.

  3. Now find and tap the Buddy Punch app to open the app info page.

  4. On the app info page, just below the Force stop and Uninstall button, you will see the option to Show notification. Just check the option and relaunch Buddy Punch to start receiving notifications.


  1. Tap the Settings icon on your home screen.

  2. Scroll down and select the Buddy Punch app from the list of installed applications.

  3. Tap Notifications.

  4. Tap Allow Notifications to enable the setting. Notifications are enabled when the switch is slid to the right and green.


Q: Do I have to have the Buddy Punch app installed to receive push notifications?

A: Yes, the Buddy Punch will need to be installed and have been logged into at least once to receive a push notification.

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