Overview: If you have more than one Buddy Punch account, we can link them together for billing purposes. We'll take the total amount of employees across all accounts and determine your plan pricing.

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Link Multiple Buddy Punch Accounts

If you'd like to link multiple accounts together for billing purposes, reach out to the Buddy Punch support team through email (support@buddypunch.com) or the live chat feature and provide the following:

  • Business name on each account

  • Or the main administrators' names on each account.

  • Which account you prefer to hold the main billing information

  • If you want to pay monthly or annually

  • Which plan you want to be on - Time Tracking Only or Time Tracking + Scheduling

Our billing team will then get you set up accordingly!


Q: Can I have more than one subscription under one account?

A: No, we're not able to accommodate more than one subscription under a single account, but you can create new accounts for each subscription and we can link them for billing purposes.

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